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Welt im Film 98/1947

from all parts of India, to pray for the peace of the world. The dance also belongs to the ceremonial of the Hindu religion. The Supreme priest of the Brahmins is venerated as a Saint. His presence gives the fixed special meaning. Priests, scholars and
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Welt im Film 101/1947

01 India: New viceroy Viscount Mountbatten aircraft on airport rolls out, great. Soldiers on guns fire a salute. Viscount Mountbatten gets out of aircraft behind him his wife, half-close. Mountbatten welcomes Government representatives and Nehru
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Welt im Film 110/1947

Frankfurt" Lieutenant-General MacReady, half close. The representative of the American authority speaks, Clarence Adcock big. The elected President of the Office of Dr. Erich Köhler delivering opening speech, half-close. (30 m) 06 agreement in India Indians
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Welt im Film 118/1947

01 updates soon: a. Karachi, India in India is programmed the governance of England on the Indian people have gone over. The country is divided into two countries: Pakistan and India. The capital city of Pakistan's Karachi. Many new buildings are
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Welt im Film 120/1947

field. He rips potato plant with small potatoes out of the ground. Drought fodder maize plant. Calf drinks cow. Cattle Corral will be stamped for emergency slaughter. Farmer ploughing arid land with horse. (57 m) 5th independence for India street scene
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Welt im Film 130/1947

) 06. India: progress and traditional boats on the water. Government buildings in Delhi. Delegates from 22 Nations go to the National Assembly. Festival of the Maharaja of Gwalior. The Maharadschah dedicates to elephants and an old cannon. Elephant
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Welt im Film 132/1947

machine bears the name: the evidence - the evidence. Howard Hughes has proven that his D-train of the skies no imagination is fabric. 03. updates soon: a. Pandit Nehru Pandit Nehru, the head of State of the new India, came on a visit to Kashmir. Prime
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Welt im Film 141/1948

of Mahatma Gandhi + Gandhi gets out of car and goes between Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Gandhi traveled through India. Gandhi standing, half-close. (19 m) b. Tokyo: war crimes charges in the courtroom. The main culprit Tojo on arrival. The former Prime
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Welt im Film 143/1948

weapon of peace. His ashes handed over the waters of the Holy rivers of India's tausendjährigem rite. 02. refugees still help the economy the refugee problem is one of the central concerns of countries and agencies. It applies to incorporate valuable
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Welt im Film 146/1948

01 updates soon a. India: Gandhi's ashes Indians moving masses. Decorated car, accompanied by his sons, the urn containing the ashes of Gandhi's. Water vehicle drives the ashes in the Ganges River. The ashes will be scattered in the water. (30 m) b
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Welt im Film 165/1948

. Mountbatten Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India, from his post as the first Governor-General of the British Dominions stepped down. Mountbatten left New Delhi, the longtime headquarters of the British India Government, and returned to England with his
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Welt im Film 199/1949

01 updates soon: a. Gandhi's death anniversary of the first anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi was committed in all over India with prayers and commemorations. The Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru, and foreign diplomats laid
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Welt im Film 225/1949

01 Pandit Nehru in Tibet the Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru was a visit to Tibet. The journey through the mysterious and legendary land between India and China begins in Himalayas, the highest mountain of the Earth. Pandit Nehru rides from place
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Welt im Film 231/1949

01 Pandit Nehru Nehru America go down stairs behind him his daughter Indira. Welcome Truman - Nehru, half-close. Nehru, who climb Indian Ambassador Mrs. Nehru and Truman car. Nehru put down the wreath at the tomb of George Washington. In his[…]
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Welt im Film 256/1950

driving through West Berlin. Vopos in negotiation. Weapons of the Vopos. (13 m) 2 India: Holy dip in the Ganges River relocation. Indian, big. Hindus make the pilgrimage. Fakirs along the way. Indians on the banks of the Ganges. Bath in the Holy River. (33
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Welt im Film 272/1950

Haus at the Lombardsbrücke Amerika Haus, total. Hall. Brewer to speak at opening, totally. Posting of journals. Library. Girl reading. Kids craft. (19 m) 05. images from all over the world a. India: Festival of the 3 gods figures of deities. Indian
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Welt im Film 286/1950

. US flag and UN flag. Burning village. Prison camp. Delousing. Output of rice. (27 m) b. San Francisco: Homecoming of the aircraft carrier Boxer teams are on deck of the vessel name. Driveway in San Francisco. (11 m) c. India: Kingdom of Nepal in the
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Welt im Film 297/1951

of India for a ceremonial parade in Delhi. The modern equipment of the new army is mixed with the exotic romanticism of the old India. The young Republic India has become an important political factor in Asia and around the world. (d). "Green Week
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Welt im Film 334/1951

. Finletter inspected U.S. air force aircraft. Cars passing aircraft. Four jet fighters with aerobatic flight. (10 m) d. India: Dussehra Festival crowds of Indians. Moving at Hindu festival. Large figures are taken. Fireworks with rotating disc. Burning of
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Welt im Film 357/1952

. India: stilts football young Indians March on stilts and perform dance on stilts. Boys play football on stilts. (14 m) c. Circus Busch artist jumps on spin Board and makes quadruple somersault. Two clowns with a private subway staircase. Clapping
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