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Deutschlandspiegel 80/1961

1st Secretary in Bonn airport Düsseldorf: rolling out aircraft. Rotating propeller. Albert Tevödjera (Secretary of State for the information industry in the West African Republic of Dahomey) goes gangway down and takes the hat from his head.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 97/1962

und lächelnd. (23 m, 10:04:10 - 10:05:05) 03. Berlin - Messe Berlin: 13. Deutsche Industrieausstellung. Gefüllter Parkplatz mit Fahnen. Totale: Funkturm und Parkplatz davor. (5 m, 10:05:00 - 10:05:15) 04. Industrie - Ausstellung Berlin
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Deutschlandspiegel 128/1965

1st Bundestag in Berlin West Berlin Kongresshalle, Erich Mende (FDP) and Ludwig Erhard with cigar climb out of cars, Erhard enters the building, Bundestag will fly disturbed, jet aircraft by Soviet jets close over the Convention Hall over,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 145/1966

gelassen, Schriftzug Pan Am. (15 m) (10:01:10 - 10:02:00) 03. Industrie - Ausstellung a, b Berlin: 16. Industrieausstellung. Funkturm. Aufsicht auf Innenstadt. Ausstellungsgelände, im Hintergrund Funkturm. 1000 PS Maschine. Elektronisch gesteuerte Drehbank
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Deutschlandspiegel 164/1968

01 fire - exercise a, b, c Braunschweig: fire on the runway. Ground. Thick smoke. Fire goes out. Dry fire truck with deletion gun. Viewers, close. Flame, screen-filling. Foam pipe sprays. Burning oil. Helicopter lands. Fire fighters-precipitate[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 188/1970

1st Hockenheim - race start of the Hockenheim race, 26 drivers start to the formula 2 race, dedicated to the fatally injured Jim Clark(?), various Rennszenen, full seating, fast paced driving the race car, Jochen Rindt finished the race in the[…]
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