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Deutschlandspiegel 23/1956

01 Evang.. Kirchentag Frankfurt: Solution of the Kirchentag "let you reconcile with God". Steel frame with pealing bells and inscription "here the German Protestant Kirchentag greets 1956' final rally on the Rebstock grounds. Among those present
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Deutschlandspiegel 60/1959

1st Munich Kirchentag: 9 German Protestant Kirchentag. Long shot: Great bells. Screen, people waving handkerchiefs. Final rally. Trombone choir. The President of the Council of the Evangelical Church, Dibelius sitting next to Heuss. Dibelius says
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Deutschlandspiegel 82/1961

Memorial Church (long shot). Tower ruins of old and new buildings. Man enters old building. Stained-glass Windows. Soffit: Modern Tower, next to the old ruined Tower. (6 m, 10:05:35 10:05:50) 10 Kirchentag a, b, c, d, e West Berlin: German Protestant
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Deutschlandspiegel 120/1964

01 police shot cinema Düsseldorf: "space shot cinema". Hand holding a pistol grip and pushes into the magazine, close. Policeman outstretched arm with gun, side/half-close. Movie: Man comes forth out of bushes, aims gun at spectators, and shoot.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 274/1977

Board of cattle-drawn on stony ground. (74 m) 02. Berlin: 17 German Protestant Kirchentag crowd on the Kurfürstendamm. The Memorial Church. Motto: A carrier of the other load. Indian girls. Negro band sings beat. Listeners applaud. Exhibition with
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Deutschlandspiegel 310/1980

01 Wind surf (see 241/5 D) athletes carry sails and boards to the water. Attach the sail to the Board. Pulling out of the rudder. Start with colorful sails. Balancing on the Board in the wind. Surfing for two on tandem Board with 2 sails. Athletes[…]
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