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Französische Granaten auf St. Quentin

War destruction by artillery fire in St. Quentin: train station, place Henri IV., place Dufour Dale, St. Martin's Church, curtain weaving cliff, rue de Paris, rue de la Chaussée Roumaine, municipal hospital; Soldiers before their part destroyed[…]
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Im Flugzeug über den Kampfstätten der Flandernschlacht

Image: The front course in Flanders in 1918 in the card trick; Representation of the advance of the German 4th and 8th Army West of Ypres, Kemel and MERVILLE; Aerial photographs of the area with funnel fields; Forests. 1 subtitles: On Dadizeels.[…]
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Ein Flug über Laon

Observers get on the plane and discusses with the pilots the flight route; Start of the biplane "AEG C IV"; Observers photographed with the aerial camera; Aerial photographs of Laon, capital of the French Department of Aisne, including Gothic[…]
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