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Deutschlandspiegel 185/1970

about the accession of England to the EEC. Among others at the table, swivel: Brandt-Scheel, Schiller, Carlo Schmid. Salutierender guard, close. Adoption of Brandt and Pompidou, total. (21 m) (10:02:05 10:02:55) 03. A Kunsthalle, Hamburg: old painting of
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Deutschlandspiegel 209/1972

Nürburgring in front of spectators. License plates from all over the world, large, Canada, United States. Rare types, such as chimney sweeps. Kids ride motorcycle. Little boy goes on a mini motorcycle. 07. Hamburg: Art gallery visit school - in the Kunsthalle
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Deutschlandspiegel 280/1978

disinfected hands operating room. VW workshop. Excavators and large vehicles for road construction and cultivation of land. (60 m) 04. Hamburg: kids painting at the Kunsthalle Hamburg Kunsthalle. Sitting before painting by Monet "Nana", children and teacher
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Deutschlandspiegel 283/1978

the Kunsthalle exhibition on the occasion of the 200th birthday of the painter. The Kunsthalle. Self portrait, great. Visitors in the exhibition. Representations of children. Portrait of the parents. Illustrations of ancient legends. Young Viewer
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