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Deulig-Woche 1926 (seit 1926)

1 subtitles: Hannover, Abyssinian troops at the Zoological Garden image: Equestrian group, demonstration of native life 2. intertitles: Lübeck, 700-years celebration city image: onslaught, historical pageant, medieval costumes, through the streets
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Deutschlandspiegel 39/1958

guest of honour on the maiden voyage, great. (17 m, 10:06:25 10:07:05) 04. NATO Lübeck exhibition opening: "The sea unites the peoples", model boats in the water basin, steeples, street scene Lübeck, Lübeck gate different settings of Gothic buildings
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Deutschlandspiegel 135/1965

:02:35) 02. Thomas Mann a, b, show c photos, the Thomas and Katja Mann on her return from exile. Photo: Thomas Mann is registered in the Golden Book of the city of Lübeck. Photo: City of Lübeck (supervision). DOM: exterior (easy soffit). Nave with front
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Deutschlandspiegel 180/1969

, children sit at tables and craft. Leisure Centre for adolescents: teenagers in woodwork. Young people sit together. (39 m) (10:03:55 10:05:25) 05 Lübeck a, b, c Lübeck: Holsten (supervision). Facade of the Holsten. City view, busy road. Old arcade in the
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Deutschlandspiegel 214/1972

. Crane with small pennants adorned. Elbe and the Harbour from above. Police boat sails. Heinemann and Schulz at crusing in the Senate launch. People wind from the shore. 04. Lübeck: Schiffergesellschaft the Holsten Gate. Narrow streets. Salt storage. Car
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Deutschlandspiegel 251/1975

. Planting of shrubs. Ear of corn field image filling. Farmhouse behind green acres. Fishermen on shore of Lake. On the Lake go sailing and sailboats. Aerial photographs of the recultivated area with Lakes surrounded by forests and fields. 04. Lübeck: 100th
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Deutschlandspiegel 283/1978

01 Lübeck: Restoration of the historic old town of Lübeck, with St. Mary's Church. The Town Hall. The Schifferhaus. Historical restaurant. Waiter brings a tray of beer. Men drink beer. The Thomas Mann House. Recording Lübeck from above with Holsten
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