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manoeuvres! The exercises of III Division at Meseritz. Image: Soldiers in field exercises with gun etc. 3. subtitles: Dangerous gluten. Huge damage fire in Mannheim. Image: Great fire of a factory building with huge clouds of smoke. Firefighters in action
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Deutschlandspiegel 158/1967

, great. (20 m) (10:03:55 10:04:45) 07 Mannheim + Jazz - Ballet a, b, c, d Mannheim: old Tower, stone figures, half-close. Modern building the bridge over River, on the shore. Marketplace with stalls. Old water tower in the foreground cars, shot. Water
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Deutschlandspiegel 420/1989

easel actuality: (see text) painting Kaspar Hauser. Painter continues along Lake. (80 m) 02 Fingado square city of Mannheim talk 2 people looking for a street with the confusing street names of letters and numbers. The Mannheim castle with the main axis
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