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Hochseefischerei der deutschen Marine

the fish boat. 13 subtitles: The catch is deleted. Image: Transfer of the catch list to an officer of the military; the catch is cleared and weighed. 14 subtitles: The fish are crushed and salted a. Image: Fish are crushed and salted a; Loading of fish
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Welt im Film 6/1945

through mud. Indigenous peoples help. Walk through swamps. Harbour backdrop with cranes. Population cheers. Boy brings eggs and bananas as a gift for soldiers. Rickshaw drives through the street. Marching soldiers. (47 m) 06 military Government old man
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Welt im Film 7/1945

filled with oil. Oil is ignited by man. Flames, smoke. Burning strips make visible landing machine trajectory in the darkness. English plane lands. (42 m) 04 military Government food. Forest, Lake, Trümmerhaus. Water delivery in Essen. From tap water runs
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Welt im Film 8/1945

girl in uniform. General Montgomery emerging from an airplane. Russian company presents. Begrüßungskommitee receives it. Russian and English military girls, great. Montgomery continues down the front. Russian soldiers parading. (54 m) 07. The camera
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Welt im Film 13/1945

continue waving. With luggage, they go on a ship. The Jetty is gone. The soldiers waving from the ship. (31 m) 06. The ashes of Columbus is brought to Genoa military Chapel. Flags. Colored troops marching slowly in the funeral March. There is an urn on a
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Welt im Film 20/1945

farmworkers German soldiers at the point of discharge. Be fingerprinted. Military badges are taken from the shoulder and the CAP close-up. The soldiers at the crop on the field. (28 m) 03. London: world peace the Church House, Westminster, London. Meeting of
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Welt im Film 21/1945

Maeswing and Gen. Eichelberger. The American flag is on a House. Soldiers face a barrack. Landing aircraft. Japanese military police marching in a column. Destroyed Japanese aircraft on the airfield. The fleet in the sea. Guns. Sailors present. Admiral
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Welt im Film 22/1945

. Shield, large, military Government. Schmeling leaves the Court and Board his car. Onlookers. He departs. (29 m) 9 Tokyo - Japanese surrender the battle ship Missouri at sea. General Mac Arthur goes aboard a destroyer. General Mainwright, the hero of
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Welt im Film 23/1945

female military aboard a ship. British officers go aboard the Sussex. A Japanese tug brings Japanese who come on board. The Japanese signed the document of surrender. The Japanese leave the room. Landing boats. Soldiers go ashore and be shipped out
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Welt im Film 26/1945

Switzerland, Austria and France. Paris-Vienna train sign. Occupation soldiers and female military train look out the window. Mountain landscape, the same pair of tracks. Railway station Innsbruck. The chef picks up food. Wheels up, big hit. The chef is in the
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Welt im Film 34/1946

01 New York--dangerous craft St. Patrick Cathedral in New York with a frame (half total). Swivel to the tower. Aerial view of the Church. Artisans at work at the Tower (half total). Look at the road and the traffic from the top. (26 m) 02. flying[…]
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Welt im Film 52/1946

Mauthausen - the verdict the accused KZ-Wächter in the building of the military court in Dachau (total). Spectators in the courtroom (total). The defendants (half total). The military judge (half total). General Prickett reads the sentence for each defendant
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Welt im Film 53/1946

Sheffield United play it. British soldiers as a spectator (half total). Game scenes (total). Shot on goal (total). Female military among the spectators (half total). Result: British soldiers - Sheffield United 5:1 (28 m) b. Joe Louis and Billy Conn, United
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Welt im Film 58/1946

01 Minister Shinwell in the Ruhr mining in the Ruhr area (total). Shinwell goes through the mountain plant (total). Shinwell in a metallurgical plant (total). Carbon (total) on conveyor belts. Shinwell in mining clothes (total). (30 m) 02 Sardinia[…]
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Welt im Film 74/1946

. (32 m) b. Holstein: from military training area arable land is farm with horse-drawn carriage. Farmer plowing. Harvest grain car. Women during the potato harvest. The potatoes will be paid on a car. Glass works on the station of Neumünster. Workers at
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Welt im Film 79/1946

1 Nuremberg: Beginning the process of doctor In the Auditorium of the Assize Court Nuremberg began the first trial against 23 leading Nazi doctors exactly one year after the opening of the first major war crimes trial. The Military Tribunal consists
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Welt im Film 88/1947

. Start a propeller aircraft with additional jet propulsion. Aerial view of the site. Landing and restart of the aircraft. (39 m) 03. Stuttgart: the verdict in the k - process U.S. military judge sit, half-close. The verdict against 11 bombers saying
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Welt im Film 91/1947

1 Hoover in Germany Frankfurt/Main: aircraft will roll out on the airfield. Hoover go down the aircraft stairs, half-close. Welcome address by General Mac Narney, half-close. Hoover goes from the airport in addition to Mac Narney. Berlin: Hoover[…]
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Welt im Film 92/1947

public was Nuremberg Chamber of saying driving against Franz von Papen, the former Vice-Chancellor and Ambassador of the Third Reich, the brought to conclusion. After his acquittal by the international military tribunal, Papen had now because of his debt
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Welt im Film 94/1947

. English Deputy Military Governor Sir Brian Robertson, total, on the Grunewald station. Ernest Bevin rises out of the train, half-close. Arrival of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs George Bidault at the station Berlin Wannsee. Welcome address by
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