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Deutschlandspiegel 161/1968

pool. Boy kisses little girl in bathrobe. (19 m) (10:08:25 10:09:10) 10 Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt: Senckenberg Museum, shot. Visitors flock to the entrance. Visitors look at animal skeletons. Giant dinosaur are presented like sculptures. A glacial
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Deutschlandspiegel 186/1970

from. (69 m) (10:05:20 10:07:55) Heidelberg 06 revolutions exhibition: visitors in exhibition "Revolution of 1848/49" in Kurpfälzischem Museum. Various paintings and viewers, close. Paintings by the Paulskirche and the National Assembly. Old script
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Deutschlandspiegel 236/1974

attitude Negress with mini skirt and headdress. Photos by Charles Wilp. Steamer runs on the Rhine. 04. Cologne: Roman-Germanic Museum of Antique sculptures, large. The Museum next to the Cologne Cathedral. Visitors to the Museum. View of the Cologne
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Deutschlandspiegel 282/1978

. Courtyard. Settings of the walls with art decorations. Re ran, figures. Castle is now in State ownership and is set up as a museum. Faithfully restored interiors. Bedchamber. Painting with portraits of former residents. Jewelry barrel, in which precious
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Deutschlandspiegel 296/1979

01 Hamburg: propeller Foundry tractor pull large freighter. Propeller spins great. Manufacture of propellers in workshop for maximum computer calculation. Casting in the form. Material test. Manufacture of the alloy liquid metal is poured into[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 300/1979

. Ride in the Maglev. (52 m) 05. Munich: cut car-art exhibition in the German Museum real scenes and paintings in the Exchange. Traffic pictures of cars. Images depicting the traffic. Motorway traffic. Camera films up front. Cars on highway driving down
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Deutschlandspiegel 313/1980

information. The Institute with a flat roof and cupola. (54 m) 6th industrial Museum in the Mäckingerbach get out of bus visitors of the open-air museum. In old bakery bread is based on old recipes without chemical additives baked, sold and eaten by the
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Deutschlandspiegel 321/1981

industrialist son. Birthplace Friedrich Engels, as a museum furnished with photos, fonts, and furniture. Old business. Grinding. In manual labor, workers grinds items. Modern industrial plant. Pedestrians on the road. Street musicians. 2 young girls eating ice
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Deutschlandspiegel 378/1986

01 Reinbek balloon Castle Reinbek Castle. Partial recording of the restored Castle after original templates. Windows and arcades. Diplomatic reception in Reinbek Castle. As host, he speaks schleswig Holstein Prime Minister Uwe Barschel. Frescoes[…]
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