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Die Hochofenwerke der Gutehoffnungshütte

Camera pans over the plant of the Gutehoffnungshütte Oberhausen. The power plant of the Gutehoffnungshütte. Pan on the gas Dynamo, which serve for the production of three-phase. The middle of a blast furnace; Coke, ore and aggregates are transported
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Deutschlandspiegel 31/1957

Oberhausen. The danger of the insidious disease should be checked with the vaccine developed in America. 11 giant project on the Elbe in Geesthacht, before the gates of Hamburg, is the largest construction project in Northern Germany. A pumped-storage plant
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Deutschlandspiegel 213/1972

: "that all borders would be open, and everyone could go where he wanted." Young man: "well, at best it would be Of course, it also that from the East would come across, but it is already quite good." 04. Oberhausen: short film festival international
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Deutschlandspiegel 234/1974

. Cabinet meeting. Worker in precision work, great. Industry images. Large relay station. Industrial buildings. 03. children Friedensdorf Oberhausen Vietnamese 6 year old boy, paraplegic, tries to go on crutches behind him's sister. Houses in the village of
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Deutschlandspiegel 248/1975

01 Claudia Wiechern, portrait of a Heilgymnastin in the peace village Oberhausen road in the Ruhr area. Red car drives in the background smoking chimneys, in the foreground, in the Middle, truck driving. Claudia Wiechern, close-up in the car while
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