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Deutschlandspiegel 33/1957

von der Stelle, schlafende Boxer. (32 m, 10:08:55 - 10:10:05) 11. Autokorso Hamburg: Oldtimer wird am Motor angekurbelt, Start der Veteranen zur 80 km-Strecke nach Travemünde, Landstraße, Außenspiegel, drehendes Rad, Fahrer mit Sonnenbrillen und
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Deutschlandspiegel 240/1974

01 City Portrait Kiel initial Assembly: branches, ship chimney, face of a rising sailor. Marine soldiers and people on the street. Regatta on the fjord. Sailing boats with colorful spiders acres. Sailors in the boat. Total city image. Picture[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 372/1985

. Herbert Grönemeyer waving leaves stage. (57 m) 07. Oldtimer man turns car crank. License plate reverse NS 33. Home of classic cars to international rally. Slide map of classic cars. Viewers. A Talbot in 1927 and an old vehicle from France. Horse grazing on
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