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Emelka-Woche 30 (seit 1927)

1 subtitles: 30 years "Roter sand" food acquisition and guard detachment on the sea-washed lighthouse in the Weser estuary image: shots of a lighthouse in the sea, which is supplied by a ship 2 subtitles: bathing season 1927! After each rain rain,[…]
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Straße der Nationen

cruising boat on the Canal, animated terrace on the Kiel Canal, flag Brazil, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Panama, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain's, the Soviet Union, Poland, Finland, US, Denmark, Sweden,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 241/1974

1st Baltic Sea: Damp 2000 - holiday Centre from the retort buggy drives from farm gate. Half-timbered houses in Schleswig-Holstein. Windmill Lake Grange, cereal box. Horse riding through fields. High-rise buildings on the Baltic Sea. Swivel[…]
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