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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 13/1950

horizontal bar. Jakob Kiefer turns on the parallel bars. Olympic black man, Dr. Kolb congratulate the winner Jakob Kiefer. (48 m) 10 California: Auto Polo big ball is moved from small cars. Cars fall and over. Car drives ball on line. (21 m) 11 Barcelona
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 210/1954

Berlin). German flag is raised. People wave the exiting vessel. 07. Swedish carnival masks different masks, large, hell, faces, partly with enlightened eyes. People dancing masked and celebrate Carnival. (22 m) 08 Mexico: horse polo game scenes Polo
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 218/1954

the arm after the fight Scholz as winner in the ring. (38 m) 09 Mexico: Polo international match Mexico United States 8-3 entering the team and play on the galloping horses. Winning team receives silver plate presented. (23 m) 10 Saarbrücken: qualifier
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Welt im Bild 179/1955

two dresses with points. (31 m) 07. Mexico: Polo Polo match to the Grand Prize of the capital. Game on swift horses back and forth and shots on goal. Police team San Carlos Mexico WINS 4-0. (26 m) 8 Cervinia: training of the Olympic team for the winter
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UFA-Wochenschau 192/1960

California to Adenauer. Student holds out Nazi poster. Relax on the beach in Santa Monica. Adenauer and daughter Lotte sit on the beach. Navajo Indian war dances. California farmers with their own private aircraft. The game of Polo. (40 m) 13 Aintree: Grand
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UFA-Wochenschau 369/1963

. seen, downward swing on bathing establishment in the Valley. 05. OHIM. -Flottbek. Polo training on the wooden horse. -Man hands weave braid from a ponytail, close, hand tighten buckle on ankle bandage, close, tail Braid is tied up, close, the man
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 864/1966

Irene, great. Family picture. 04. Jamaica: Polo with Prince Philip and Prince Charles Philip and Charles in Polo dress in conversation, total. Charles and Anne, half-close. Charles playing Polo. 05. Jonny Halliday in Poland Jonny Halliday gives
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UFA-Dabei 839/1972

. Various jackets on stands in exhibition. Symbol of the exhibition: graphic: cylinder face indication to and shape of man. 04. two horses Gallop side by side at the Polo game Polo in Hamburg. Mold galloped into the picture. Polo player hits the ball over
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Deutschlandspiegel 219/1972

1 Hamburg: Polo Polo players in the game side by side galloping slow motion. Taping the legs of horses before the game. Cock is wrapped. Polo player shows the four basic strokes ZL. Lawn will be patched during the break. Viewers running on the lawn
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