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Welt im Film 16/1945

Japanese in Shanghai and Manchuria invade. Shooters in the city streets and fires. 1937: Shanghai is on fire. Older bombers. Fleeing people and deaths on the roads. The refugees flock to the international enclave, which will be sealed because of
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Welt im Film 28/1945

and bring them to the blades. (34 m) 5th Berlin - nomads which city is a Berlin train station crowded with refugees, sitting with their possessions. A train with refugees on the running boards and car roofs. return (40 m) 06. Florida - Danish sailing
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Welt im Film 36/1946

01 Germany - inspection trip of Montgomery's car with the British stander moves (half total) Montgomery speaks with refugees in a camp of NISSEN (half total). Montgomery continues down a guard of honor (half total). Montgomery visited the factory of
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Welt im Film 56/1946

). Launch of the aircraft (total). Landing an aircraft after waving (38 m) b. dam and sheep dam in Washington State (half total and large). A flock of sheep runs through a wild area (total). Flock pulls (total) over the bridge of the dam. (26 m) c. refugees
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Welt im Film 77/1946

refugees train arriving at the station, total. Refugee children see from freight wagons. Refugees go from the train station in a long train. The refugees go to a barracks with sign: "Investigative body". The refugees from Czechoslovakia to be registered
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Welt im Film 86/1947

heart of finished watches - with headphones and stethoscope. The first Watch series, which comes to the war on a larger scale for sale, delivered mainly to metropolitan and refugees. c. children's home of the British Governor of Schleswig-Holstein, de
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Welt im Film 100/1947

, Germany. Some of the rooms is the accommodation for transients — refugees were settled in the other. With few resources - and with the help of the social community for trade, crafts and industry - residential-style accommodations were created from bare
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Welt im Film 124/1947

receiver girl next to Kleinstempfänger. Kleinstempfänger in addition to portable radio. Man speaks in Kleinstsender. (20 m) 05. people without a home refugees with luggage. Illegal border crossers run box and next to embankment. Women with children. Russion
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Welt im Film 133/1947

wishlist, great. Santa Claus comes with bag and fill the shoes. The children To find the filled shoes In the morning. (27 m) b. Oldenburg: refugees sew dolls women sort old fabric scraps. Woman sewing on a sewing machine. Women sew dolls heads and clothes
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Welt im Film 143/1948

. The site of the assassination of Gandhi, fenced, surrounded by people, is a place of pilgrimage. Indians in the prayer. Mass of Indians bowing kneeling in prayer. (50 m) 02 Gelsenkirchen: refugees help the economy of refugee homes. On Employment Office
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Welt im Film 148/1948

through Germany. Station Düsseldorf. Drive across the Rhine bridge. Ride along on the Rhine: Koblenz, Mainz, Bingen. Driving freight wagons. Driving past station Bingen. Entrance to main train station Frankfurt am Main. (32 m) b. Kappeln/Schlei: Refugees
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Welt im Film 156/1948

. Half-timbered houses in Stratford on Avon. (26 m) c. Puerto Rico: construction of a power plant workers during the construction of a dam. Men carry sandbags. Tubes are pulled up mountain slopes. (20 m) 2nd warehouse Moschendorf: returnees, refugees
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Welt im Film 175/1948

. Start. Race car on the track. Record of 283 km/h. Congratulations. (16 m) c. Finnish refugees in eastern England refugees on board a ship, men, women and children. The mayor welcomed the refugees. Residents bring donations. (28 m) 03 Amsterdam: Juliana
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Welt im Film 179/1948

come at the invitation of the doctors Association of Württemberg Baden. She attended a number of deportees camps. Here she convinced themselves of accommodation Ukrainian trafficked. A warehouse was visited with German refugees. The speech held in
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Welt im Film 185/1948

01 Berlin chooses the freedom of election posters on fence posts. Posters will be issued. Poster Slinger affix posters. Posters of the SED "Not to choose". RIAs radio car. A reporter asked people whether they choose to interview. Newspaper image[…]
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Welt im Film 189/1949

go on board ship and American civilians. Ship moving from. Aerial view of the enclosed city Qingdao. US warship in the port. Aircraft carrier. Troop transport. American soldiers marching. Chinese refugees dig shelters. (36 m) b. Stockholm: Nobel prize
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Welt im Film 196/1949

homes. Mao Tse Tung, close to half and big. Li Tsung jen, President and successor of Tschiankaischek, great. National Chinese troops in the city. Streams of refugees on station, cars, furniture and rickshaws. (42 m) 6th sports a. Hahnenklee: toboggan
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Welt im Film 206/1949

. Shanghai's cityscape. British warships with margin after bombardment. From train, get wounded British sailors and brought to ambulances. American civilians are going to ship. Chinese refugees move into a long train to the city. Clogged roads. (44 m) 03 news
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Welt im Film 219/1949

Prague. Her Association had forbidden them to compete against German players. Drobny and Caldwell have become political refugees of the Red regime. c. Churchill the election campaign starts in England. After the publication of the programme of the
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Welt im Film 232/1949

the channel. (14 m) 03 included Hong Kong map of China. Aerial view of Hong Kong. Street life in Hong Kong. Newspaper woman. Reinforcement of the British border. Refugee boat. Refugees entering Hong Kong by ship. Troops go by vessels. Tank
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