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Welt im Film 44/1946

(total). Viewers (half total). Winner: Bertil Karlsson. (18 m) b. rowing in Cambridge with female helmsman rowers carry their boat in the water (total). A woman as a helmsman on Board (half-total). The rowers at the training on the water (half total). (16
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Welt im Film 47/1946

, and a true folk festival evolved along the track. Page selection of the tax people. The boats rowing at the start. Now begins the race, followed by England with breathless excitement. The route on the River Thames is seven kilometres long - seven
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Welt im Film 97/1947

tunnels and get stored goods. (18 m) c. rowing training the University team Oxford oarsmen at the training in slow motion. (21 m) d. Veit shock Krakow St. Mary's altar figures of the altar, great. Restorers at work on the world famous figures. (23 m) 6th
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Welt im Film 114/1947

. 13. Different drivers, half-close. Erich Bertram WINS on hudge amount and receives the wreath. (34 m) c. Henley: rowing regatta stalls and carousels on the shore. Spectator boats on the River Thames. Helicopter. Aft: winner boat of Cambridge runs
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Welt im Film 116/1947

. Mannheim: German Rowing Championships qualifying run of the eights, totally. Accompanying train along with spectators on the shore. Spectators sit on the shore. Home to the limit of the aft. 5 boats are in the race, including Mannheim Amicitia, Mühlheim
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Welt im Film 152/1948

1 Oxford - Cambridge 1948 - record victory in record time crowds on the banks of the River Thames. The two rowing boats at the start. Start. Oxford boat goes into the lead because of Cambridge rower out of step. Cambridge but is catching up and win
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Welt im Film 171/1948

, total. Lohmann after victory, half-close. (17 m) e. Duisburg: German Rowing Championships race of eights. Rower, great. Rowing boats on the railway. It wins the Flörsheimer aft. Standing spectators on the shore. (19 m) 05. The situation in Berlin
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Welt im Film 201/1949

. (78 m) 02 exciting race since 1877: rowing Cambridge - Oxford crowd on the shore and on bridge. Souvenirs are sold. Start. Boat race. Oxford has topped. Cambridge is catching up, the boats lie next to each other. Cambridge WINS boat 1/4-length. Rowers
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 10/1950

's attacking but once again hard again, then save the draw. Santana remains champion. (70 m) 08 London: rowing Cambridge - Oxford easily result in Oxford after the start. Cambridge is catching up, leads first with half a boat length, and WINS with 3 ½ m length
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Welt im Film 253/1950

) 6th sports a. England: viewers on the banks of the River Thames Rowing Oxford-Cambridge. Start, total. The Oxford boat goes first into the lead. Both boats row next to each other. Cambridge WINS in the Sprint. (35 m) b. Berlin: show gymnastics of the
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Welt im Film 257/1950

01 Dachau: 5th anniversary of the liberation of the Assembly on the leading mountain to commemoration. Priests of various denominations. Dr. Ehard speaks, half-close. Mr. IMP, American land Commissioner, speaks. Dr. Kogon says. Foundation stone[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 28/1950

: German Rowing Championships on the Maschsee Lake race the coxed: winning Rowing Club Hannover. Aft: last year's winner Rüsselsheim is in the lead. WINS in the final sprint of the Cologne Rowing Club by roundy winner will receive the wreath. (38 m) 08
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Welt im Film 271/1950

Rowing Championships a: start and race. It wins Beck, Kitzinger RV. Beck Gets the winner chain after the victory. Aft: The Cologne Rowing Club WINS. (28 m) b. France: tour de France cyclists on the track. People waving from the roadside. Driver, large
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Welt im Film 315/1951

dressage. Tiger jumps through hoops. Viewers. Tamer urges Tiger cage. Tiger kiss. (24 m) 5th sport a. Heidelberg: rowing regatta starting the eighth. Ride on the river Neckar. Ludwigshafen, Germany WINS. Winners receive a trophy. (18 m) b. Nürnberg: 1 FC
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 81/1951

, half-close. (33 m) 11 Mainz: German Rowing Championships race of eights: boats in the race. Freight train going along the shore with viewers. The boats of the Cologne 1877 and the rowing community of Flörsheim Rüsselsheim, Germany lead. The rowers, half
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 114/1952

Aarhus. Goalkeeper fends off ball. Gate litters. Clapping audience. Changing game scenes. Throw the goal crossbar. Rapt viewers with beret. 10 England: Oxford Cambridge rowing rowing on the River Thames in the snow storm. Viewers on the banks of the
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Welt im Film 357/1952

ride Paris - Côte d'Azur mass start of cyclists. Battle between Louison Bobet and Desbats in the top flight. Race car driver in the race, great. Drive through town. Louison Bobet will be the winner. (22 m) 5th London: rowing Oxford - Cambridge in the
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Welt im Film 367/1952

-close. Game in front of the gate of Osnabrück. Shot on goal 2:0 spectator claps, great. Hard game. Stuttgart player crashes. Osnabrück shoots 2:1 Stuttgart 3-1 shot. Both teams leave the place. (27 m) c. Hanover: rowing competition Starter starts with starter
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Welt im Bild 1/1952

245 km/h. (12 m) 8 Wimbledon: Tennis Championships visitors. Jaroslaw Drobny's arrival. Game of the year winner Dick Savitt / United States, against Kumar / India. Audience clapping. Savitt WINS in 3 sets. (22 m) 9 Duisburg: German Rowing Championships
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Welt im Bild 40/1953

01 England: Queen Mary + people stand before the bulletin that announces the death of Queen Mary. Photos of Queen Mary from the year 1893 as a young woman of the future King George v Queen Mary with a Crown next to King George V. In carriage[…]
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