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Pferdelazarett in Doncherry

Shield: Sächs. Et. Horse hospital 234!Stop! Mange horses or mange suspects. Access here strictly forbidden... (Not very visible sign.) 1 subtitles: light sick horses on the way to the hospital. Image: Horses be carried debris city with dominant[…]
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Im Lazarett Aßfeld in Sedan

Hospital room with wounded; wounded prisoners on a walk, including the Russians in hospital gowns; French prisoners look on the Maas River; Room for limbs exercises; Demonstration of various exercise equipment: head Hüftwiege. Shoulder joint[…]
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Kriegshundelazarett an der Westfront

1 subtitles: Submission of injured medical and Meldehunden. Image: Posting wounded medical and Meldehunde. 2. subtitles: The animals are Right away presented to the on-duty physician, examined and treated. Image: They are unloaded from the car and[…]
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