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Welt im Film 74/1946

, half close. Cows are presented. Buggy horses. Cops, half-close. The lumberjack competition. Horses jump over obstacles to performance testing. Side by side, two horses jump over obstacles. (27 m) c. United States: Soapbox giant parking lot, total. Boys
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Welt im Film 108/1947

consecration of the Bell. (29 m) d. Ulm: Soapbox young in Soapbox, large. Wheel is mounted on. Boy and cars will be weighed. Several riders in the race. The limit switch. Timekeeper. The winner will receive congratulations and wreath crew officer. (31 m) 5th
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Welt im Film 129/1947

different working equipment of heavy and Bust of the founder of Siemens. (47 m) 6th United States: Soapbox Derby young building their soapbox. Weighing the car at the final battle at Derby downs, Ohio. Start. The Soapbox on the car
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Welt im Film 159/1948

trees are sprayed. Farmer plowing with motor plough. Bauer family moves on tractors. (41 m) 4th Württemberg: Soapbox boys working on Soapbox. Red Cross nurse young Starter binds to. Boy with hood, size. Start the driver and race. Riding on a wet track
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Welt im Film 218/1949

dresses. Spectators on the side of the road. The damaged Art Academy. Student, architecture, sculpture. Düsseldorf street scene. (62 m) 04. Munich: Soapbox boy tinker car. Acceptance of the car. Boys slide down on cardboard mountain. Soapbox. Cheer for
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Welt im Film 227/1949

Noronic. Ground. Wounded on board. Injured in hospitals with associations. The burned-out deck of the vessel with lifeboats. 05. images from all over the world a. United States: Soapbox of the German winner in the Soapbox on the Empire State Building
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 19/1950

same destination together." (13 m) 06 Düsseldorf: Heuss at the life insurance companies Heuss at the lectern, half-close. Among the listeners of construction Minister Wildermuth. Richtkranz on House. New building block. (18 m) 07. Hamburg: Soapbox race
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 21/1950

: Solitüden race of youth children in small cars are pushed on. Margot Hielscher, audience size. Race of small cars. Soapbox races without motor. (21 m) 6 England: Bristol Brabazon flying aircraft with propellers and jet aircraft. Landing. Settings of part of
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Welt im Film 265/1950

Mayor of Rome the city brings congratulations. Cityscape. DOM. (34 m) 04 Soapbox young when setting forth its Soapbox. Weighing the Soapbox cars and drivers. (20 m) 5th Landshut wedding of Prince Landshut, total. Procession in historical costume. Heralds
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Welt im Film 266/1950

once and now mannequins demonstrate bathing suits of the past with 3/4 length trousers. Modern swimsuits and bikinis. Large hats. Mini bikini. (24 m) 04. Stuttgart: Soapbox limit young on the track. Exit in Hay. The limit: Two boys ride shortly before
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 25/1950

free prisoners. Peace pipe smoking. Cinematographer at the stake. (35 m) 10 Munich: Soapbox-race Championship start and Soapbox races. Faces of boys in Soapbox, large. Ride in the evening on enlightened path. (24 m)
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Welt im Film 268/1950

Soapbox driver on enlightened path. Munich boy receives wreath. (21 m) c. New York: boxing world championships in the middleweight division: Jake La Motta WINS boxing match at Madison Square Garden on points about Tiberio Mitri, Italy. La Motta boxes
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 77/1951

in extinguishing fire. Burning tanks. Clouds of smoke and flames. (15 m) 9 Hamburg: Soapbox race travels Soapbox of the Hamburg night blade. Race the Soapbox. Simple model. Winners from Berlin. (41 m) 10 Silverstone: Grand Prix England start the race
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Welt im Film 320/1951

m) d. Hamburg: Soapbox audience with umbrellas. Boys working on Soapbox. Start and different races. Winner with wreath. (25 m) 06 pictures from all over the world a. Venice: King Faruk in Italy cameramen waiting in hiding on the appearance of the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 82/1951

: Soapbox of the German participants from Berlin on his soapbox, half-close. Soapbox race many spectators on track, on both sides. The winner of the race from Virginia receives congratulations. (16 m) 9 Beiramfest in Tripoli from Canon on the shore will be
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Welt im Film 325/1951

. Horses jump over obstacles. Ride over mountain. It wins old master. (28 m) b. United States: Soapbox final young in their car. The German winner with his car in Berlin. Start and ride on the railway. Crowds at the edge of the track. Various runs. The
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Welt im Bild 65/1953

1 Munich: Oktoberfest Showmen with straw hat actuality "step right up ladies and gentlemen! Here you can see what, where you can experience what!" German drinking songs in beer tent. Measure pitchers. Woman dancing on a table. Dolls dancing in[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 197/1960

) 11 Helmond / Netherlands: Soapbox boy helmet sets up. Soapbox will be transported behind the bicycle. Start and race. Viewers. (Maximum speed up to 40 km/h.) (22 m) 12 Nürburgring: sport driver training course teacher points to map the course of the
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UFA-Wochenschau 200/1960

. Reiner Klimke WINS on Fortunat. Award ceremony. (27 m) 10. Florence: Soapbox of the students young men in Soapbox when driving downhill. Two-seater travels. Soapbox is in the audience. (17 m) 11 Nurburgring: the flying start of 67 cars sports car
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 597/1961

types of audience, large parking area with parked VW's and streetscape of Wolfsburg. 05. West Berlin. 13 Soapbox - Derby. -Winner: the 15 year old apprentice Baker Armin Kröber. 06. Aachen. SA-jumping to the "great prize of Aachen". Among the
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