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Deulig-Wochenschau-Aufnahmen 1924/25

1 subheads: "American fleet visit in Auckland (New Zealand)" image: Auckland harbour with the American war ships (long shot), firing broadsides, some shots of a ships out. 2. Intertitle "Squadron exercise American submarines" image: aerial view[…]
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Deulig-Woche 1925

without intertitles: U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt in a speech (close-up) 1 subheads: "1 parade of Red Russia in Moscow" image: took de army on the red square, swearing, demonstrations with flags 2. subheads: "interesting Instant images of the[…]
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Deulig-Woche 1926

1 subtitles: Hannover, Abyssinian troops at the Zoological Garden image: Equestrian group, demonstration of native life 2. intertitles: Lübeck, 700-years celebration city image: onslaught, historical pageant, medieval costumes, through the streets[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 19/1956

01 city washing Öttingen and Gunzenhausen: jammed water of the moats is passed through streets. Children and adults with buckets and brooms for street cleaning. Boy empty rubber boots. Windows are cleaned. Boy is fully filled with water. (19 m,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 23/1956

01 Evang.. Kirchentag Frankfurt: Solution of the Kirchentag "let you reconcile with God". Steel frame with pealing bells and inscription "here the German Protestant Kirchentag greets 1956' final rally on the Rebstock grounds. Among those present,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 56/1959

01 2nd airlift airlift monument, font: airlift 1948/49, wreath-laying ceremony by General Clay (United States), a German delegation with the incumbent Federal President Kaisen, Willy Brandt, Carlo Schmidt and Ludwig Erhard, the former French Prime[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 60/1959

1st Munich Kirchentag: 9 German Protestant Kirchentag. Long shot: Great bells. Screen, people waving handkerchiefs. Final rally. Trombone choir. The President of the Council of the Evangelical Church, Dibelius sitting next to Heuss. Dibelius says[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 118/1964

. Propeller slip into the water, work on deck, ship slip into the water, ship in the water, launched, many workers are on the edge. (20 m, 10:07:50 10:08:40) 07 sport University Cologne a, b, c Cologne: sport University. Close this ball on the rope. Student
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Deutschlandspiegel 157/1967

01 6 days - a race Berlin, b Berlin: the 60th anniversary, the 6-days race takes place Instead of. George Nader sits in an old bicycle taxi and drives. George Nader (Jerry Cotton) stands with cyclists at the starting line. Spectators, close.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 176/1969

01 Medau school Upper Franconia: old church tower, shot. Stone figures. Coburg: Medau school in Schloß Hohenfels: girl (group gymnastics) in short gymnastics suits swing tires outdoors. Various settings of the girl with tires, close. Girls move in[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 190/1970

01 "The Grand Prize of Europe" for the 350 cc class race Messenger is discharged on the Elbe near Hamburg. Among the sixty riders from six Nations world and European Champion - are one front them: Kurt Mischke from Berlin. With top speeds of 150[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 214/1972

01. Wolfsburg und Sport Stabhochspringer springt über Schild Wolfsburg, Zeitlupe. Bodenturnerin auf Wiese, Zeitlupe. Handballtorwart bei Parade, Zeitlupe. Reiter auf Parcours bei Hindernissprung, Zeitlupe. Tennisspieler, Zeitlupe. Paddler, Zeitlupe
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Deutschlandspiegel 245/1975

01 new Elbe tunnel Hamburg crowd. Photographer holds camera. Men with protective helmets. Policemen. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt with Cap enters the lectern and speaks to the inauguration of the new Elbe tunnel: "then in 1967 or 1968, were also Hein[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 299/1979

weiterführende Schule oder beginnen mit ihrer Berufsausbildung. Brigitte Piechowski will noch die Realschule besuchen und dann eine kaufmännische Lehre anfangen. Sport, Basteln und Spielen: ein breit gefächertes Freizeitangebot für alle Altersklassen lockt die
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Deutschlandspiegel 304/1980

Bantz, 23 years Olympic champion in Vault, lecturer at the German sport University in Cologne, the most important Sports Centre for research and training in the Federal Republic is today. Here sport teachers for the schools and professional trainers are
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Deutschlandspiegel 320/1981

sport has been set on this development. He offers increasingly contests over new distances the classic running disciplines. About over 25 km, a distance of just women repeatedly prove that they are just as qualified to endurance like manner. German
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Deutschlandspiegel 317/1981

01. So sieht es aus, wenn sich ein Bankangestellter und ein Student in Norddeutschland als Smaurai verkleiden und im Dress dieser legendären Kriegerkaste Japans aufeinander schlagen. Kendo heißt diese Sport- und Geistesübung, der sich eine kleine
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Deutschlandspiegel 337/1982

came after? For 9 years of mediocrity. Ulrike Meyfarth, almost forgot, seemed to be also private life badly done. Finally a change of coach, and only after a long wait, she gets a place for a sport study. But she doesn't give up and is In fact in 1982
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Deutschlandspiegel 338/1982

01. the new Federal Government Bundestag session. Bundestag President stücklen actuality: "With 'Yes' voted 256 deputies" clapping and cheering in the ranks of the CDU deputies. Under the first Congratulators Helmut Schmidt, who congratulated the[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 339/1982

01 Forschungszentrum Berlin International flags. International Congress of Technology Forum Berlin 82. connection between research and industry - theory and practice. Samples of the Federal Institute for materials testing. Free University of[…]
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