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Welt im Film 62/1946

swimming pool, half-close. Ladies at the high dive. Man with beard claps, half-close. Diving men. The triple somersault from the springboard. (22 m) 06. Berlin: returning prisoners of war a train arriving at the Silesian station in Berlin. Prisoners of war
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Welt im Film 91/1947

. (28 m) d. Stuttgart: swimming Gala in winter large thermometer. Woman with Hat and fur and girl in a bathing suit before thermometers. Wife shaking head, big. Boy throwing snow balls. Swimmers at the edge of the basin and in the water. Float of
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Welt im Film 92/1947

in Berlin. (19 m) 5th sport a. Braunschweig: Hallenschwimmwettkampf Lower Saxony Germany launch of swimmers, frontal. Crawl. Audience on the edge of the basin. Swimming season. Lower Saxony WINS 88-82 points. (25 m) b. Switzerland: youth sports kids
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Welt im Film 95/1947

Badenixe - art jumping girl in a bathing suit go to swimming pools. The most beautiful, great. Diver binds black cloth around the head, jumps off the top jump Board on the lower springboard and in the water. Take cloth from the head in the water. (20 m) c
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Welt im Film 103/1947

m) c. United States: water Ballet Sportstudentinnen jump one after the other from the edge of the pool with Swan dive into the water. Swimming performances above and under water. (25 m) 04. Help for children a. Braunschweig: repatriation of children
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Welt im Film 119/1947

champion, goes into the lead, but then falls back because of engine damage of his pacemaker. It wins Jean Schorn, Cologne. Jean Schorn with wreath, half-close. (32 m) b. Frankfurt / Main: German swimming and jumping Championships 200 m breaststroke: start
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Welt im Film 123/1947

. Dieckhut (N) in the floor exercises. Judges will show note 10 Ino Stangl on the horizontal bar. INO Stangl is best single Turner. South Germany WINS ahead of North Germany. (39 m) b. Chicago: American swimming - women's Cup Starter shoots. Start of the 100
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Welt im Film 141/1948

: only a quarter minute on the ropes for Jack. At some point, yes the final gong must sound - until then it is reflected through so... And there is The end - Jack the tired can go to sleep At last. c. the Club of the ceaseless snow-swimming in America
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Welt im Film 142/1948

administration. On this occasion, a small ceremony was Instead of in Frankfurt. Thus, all essential facilities of telecommunications are back in German hands. 06. sport: a. Swimming, Berlin In the Berlin municipal swimming centre, one of the largest indoor
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Welt im Film 158/1948

1 Munich: Corpus Christi procession 1948 parade through the town. Fahnenträgerinnen. Christ on the cross. Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Faulhaber reads the 1 Gospel on Marienplatz. Move with spiritual and worldly dignitaries. Priests dressed as fair.[…]
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Welt im Film 160/1948

per minute). (15 m) c. Hollywood: swimming lessons for year teacher teaches 3-year old children in swimming. Swimming competition of the children. You jump from the springboard. (29 m) 5th Sicily today folks at the lemon crop. Palm Grove. Rocky coast
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Welt im Film 171/1948

sometimes Cavalier. 04. sports in the film: 5 German Championships 5 German Championships have been settled lately successfully and with strong participation. The German Swimming Championships in front of 10,000 spectators were Instead of in Rheydt. Here
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Welt im Film 175/1948

01 Berlin echo funeral ceremony on the square in front of the Town Hall Zoo for the Wolfgang Scheunemann who was shot by Eastern officers. Crowd, mourning wreaths, weeping relatives. The decorated coffin carried by young people. Berlin Games in[…]
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Welt im Film 191/1949

01 returning from Yugoslavia snowy station Ledenitzen, Austria Yugoslav border. Train arriving. Returning prisoners of war go from freight wagons. Returning with luggage from train. Issue of food. Returnees wash with snow. Boarding in German train[…]
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Welt im Film 201/1949

. And finally the exam. The master student there is with "simple gloss". A lion of the Salon will be a sea lion. 05. float elite in Braunschweig, Germany: the German Indoor Championships in Braunschweig, Germany, the first German Indoor Swimming
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Welt im Film 203/1949

01-Berlin picture book rolls out aircraft in RAF Gatow. The Archbishop of York, Dr g bed, rising from aircraft. He is greeted by General Bourne. Archbishop goes in addition to Bourne, half-close. Archbishop visit the airfield of RAF Gatow.[…]
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Welt im Film 205/1949

! 80 swimming champion of the British zone to a three-day training course met in Cologne. The purpose of the meeting was the introduction of uniform teaching methods and exchange experience of lifeguards to lifeguards. At first but the masters will
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Welt im Film 221/1949

, screen-filling. Referee separates Boxer. Hucks attacks. Among the spectators Hans Söhnker, big. Judgment draw after 12 rounds. (34 m) b. Tokyo: swimming Festival Emperor Hirohito and Empress upon arrival. Hirohito and Empress on grandstand. 1500 m
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Welt im Film 222/1949

at the edge of the pool. 200 m breaststroke men: small, Munich, swimming the butterfly style us WINS in 2 minutes 40.9 seconds. Small as the winner at the edge of the pool. (53 m)
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Welt im Film 223/1949

Freemasons, Frederick the great, Amadeus Mozart, bust of Goethe. (34 m) 03 sport a. Munich: German water polo championship swimming friends Wuppertal barmen - water friends Hanover, gate for barmen. Audience clapping, goal for Hannover. Barmen wins 6-3 and
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