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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 993/1969

with comfort. Bathroom. Seat in front of tent. Apart folding Caravan. 03. Cologne: furniture fair modern chairs with headrest. Inflatable couch. Tilting bed control system for television and telephone. Built-in speakers in the walls. 04. Montreal
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 995/1969

01 Wilson in Bonn and Berlin Kiesinger goes next to Wilson, half-close. Palais Schaumburg, half-close. Wilson with a pipe, half-close. Kamal talking, laughing, half-close. Wilson goes up stairs to the Bonn City Hall. Protesters with placards[…]
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UFA-Dabei 656/1969

shipping company. In the on-board television studio - the "brains" of the "Hamburg": success shipping magnate Bitsch Christensen from Denmark and Captain Helmut Bender, a choice Munich. The 195-meter luxury liner will allow 600 guests on cruises life of the
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UFA-Dabei 684/1969

1 Hannover: Meeting the teachers Union doing policy - Pauker parties, image check: meeting room. WT speaker speaks. Teachers discuss education policy and education emergency, large, original sound: "How, ladies and gentlemen, you see the problem[…]
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UFA-Dabei 685/1969

campaign of three major parties. The CDU surrounds himself with television technology. Results from a Studio Georg Kiesinger kurt simultaneous dialogue with the voters of different localities. "The Christian Democratic Union is pleased with you in this
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UFA-Dabei 727/1970

the production of television panels. Grooves of the plate in close-up. The soft, pliable TV Panel is set on plate, close. Needle sets. Current plate, close. 06. Hamburg: Oskar Kokoschka reveals a tapestry of "The magic flute" at the Museum für Kunst
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UFA-Dabei 729/1970

book, because they can better imagine's and here is played it all, which is precisely about anything like in television, where you his focus or his imagination itself does not play out can."-"Do you like it now better than a detective in the television
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Deutschlandspiegel 190/1970

bridges between the Olympic battle sites and the television viewers all over the world. Satellite communications in space are the contact points for the space antenna in Raisting. She is among sports fans in Europe for two years high in the course: at that
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Deutschlandspiegel 191/1970

Berlin engineers for the storage of image sequences with synchronized sound, was presented as a world premiere in Berlin. The only 1 gram heavy plate can be connected to any television set. In two years at the latest you can be played by every owner of a
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Deutschlandspiegel 194/1970

01 Kasettenfilme to enable owners of television sets in the near future, to design their own programs. The German radio exhibition conveys interesting impressions of this new form of entertainment their 500,000 visitors in Düsseldorf. The
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UFA-Dabei 763/1971

production of would. Return to their home countries, to help the expansion of television there. In a sheltered Valley of the Eifel, the Earth's largest space ear listening recently. The 3,200-ton radio telescope with its rotating and pivoting parabolic
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Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971

. In the Senderäumen, Minister Erhard Eppler is taught by the training of editors, cameramen and directors from developing countries. Lessons. Declaration of the color tube. Lessons on the electronic television camera and your mixer. Young men on camera
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UFA-Dabei 788/1971

This show: Electronics Festival at the World Festival of electronics at the Berlin Funkturm premiered the audio-visual future: new technical systems, which must still pass their test in everyday television, marked the international radio exhibition
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UFA-Dabei 852/1972

quality." Choice Studio, total, with many television cameras and monitors. A TV face at the party Office. Willy Brandt and wife Ruth at the ballot box. Willy Brandt put his ballot in the ballot box. Barzel comes out of the voting booth, laughs. It welcomes
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Deutschlandspiegel 229/1973

films. Gramophones. Start of German television 22 years ago, production of Goethe's Faust. Modern televisions. Girl with headphones sitting in a swivel chair. You Get up and submit image plate in device. Image is transmitted on screen. 03. pop festival
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UFA-Dabei 921/1974

01 Geneva: 44. Geneva Motor Show Hall total. Several cars including Alfa Romeo, Alfa Sud, Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat 127. electric cars. Getting through a rear door is possible for a sports car. Demonstration of a sliding door for cars. VW Scirocco[…]
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UFA-Dabei 971/1975

deliberations and the situation, not to jeopardize the further development. On the other side: The lawyers of anarcho-Socialists in action. Lawyer Schily advises his ex-colleagues and clients Horst Mahler. In television, the KPD member of Mahler and initially
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UFA-Dabei 990/1975

This film: Cinema 'again in' [...] This school: Television workshop music and camera samples in a Studio of sender Freies Berlin. Curious spectators on the edge of the decoration - students of ' television training center', the training facility
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UFA-Dabei 997/1975

consumer: for this purpose, exhibitors from 23 countries had built up the best what the international radio and television industry has to offer. The year's trend: No cataclysmic changes but technical refinements and new trends. The elderly are often also
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UFA-Dabei 998/1975

price. This entertainment: Electronics Show entertainment to be touched. The Berlin showcase of international consumer electronics was dominated by young people. No wonder all year round because they are the best customers of the radio and television
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