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Messter-Woche 48 (seit 1918)

1 subtitles: The funeral for the victims of the revolution. Image: lacks 2 subtitles: on Tempelhofer Feld. 3. subtitles: The lying in State. 4. subheads: Haase says. 5 subtitles: The members of the Reich Government Ebert, Scheidemann. 6[…]
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Messter-Woche Sujets (Ausschnitte) (seit 1920)

1 subtitles: Berlin-Johannisthal: as representative of the Italian Government, the Italian Envoy de Martino visited the Sablatingwerke. Image: In the plant premises, on the plane. 2. subheads: From the top on a large open space, on the[…]
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