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Deutschlandspiegel 88/1962

:05:00) 05 works Wolfsburg, and VW - Wolfsburg: Trek going down Street with old half-timbered houses. Woman with headscarf wearing two milk jugs (filmed from behind), two young people meet you on the bike. Total Wolfsburg Castle. Various settings of the
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Deutschlandspiegel 150/1967

couple pushes a cart with triplets. Boy lies on the stomach of a small car and driving on the sidewalk. Children walk along the course in the modern building. Street and sidewalk with pedestrians (supervision). Modern building. VW-Werk with residential
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Deutschlandspiegel 257/1976

ship. The control unit. Ship on the Elbe lateral Canal. (66 m) 05. Speed record with diesel star shows on the test track of the VW Wolfsburg Centre motor journalist Fritz B. Busch in race car, great racing qualities of the diesel engine. Start of race
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Deutschlandspiegel 318/1981

with German colleagues. Play in the snow. Centro italiano. Italians and Germans at bar. The VW Beetle on road. (56 m) 07. Cologne: football of 1 FC Köln - VFB Stuttgart 3-1 Cologne free-kick before the Stuttgart goal. Little girl with glasses waving
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Deutschlandspiegel 392/1987

. The mill dam in East Berlin. Old town houses. Old Berlin streets with reconstructed houses. The Julius Tower in Spandau. (56 m) 03. The 50 millionth VW city sign Wolfsburg on road. The Volkswagen factory. Celebration for the completion of the 50
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