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Emelka-Woche 28 (seit 1929)

faithful. In honour clear." 3. subtitles: Ten years after the war. In Verdun, festive celebrated the completion of reconstruction and a monument erected to the fallen. Image: different shots of the parade through the city with French flags. 4 subheads: In
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Der erste Schritt

Letter of a French student at a German politician in which she presented him the cross of merit of her father's. Back glare to the 1914-1918 war, Verdun, battle fields, cemetery. Works, a German coal mine with outdated equipment, the coal problem
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Deutschlandspiegel 107/1963

brotherhood, peace and freedom, which characterized the Builder of the chapel with them." Listeners with historical flags, swivel to the Chapel, fire, great. (41 m, 10:02:30 10:04:00) 05. Verdun at Verdun/France: military cemetery, in the background Church
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