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Messter-Woche 4/1914

Credits: © Week no. 4 1 subtitles: apart from a blown up railway bridge over the river Maas our troops have made a temporary bridge in remarkably short time, Which one just happened the first train. Image: People come across the new bridge,[…]
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Messter-Woche 3/1914

1 subtitles: Austria. An Austrian Landwehr Brigade to March to the front ready. Image: In the image of the Landwehr Brigade, a Brigadier draws twice his cap in front of the camera. three of them waving six officers, in the camera. 2. subtitles:[…]
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Prologue (s/w): topographic map of Africa, zoom into it, pictures of landscape, rural population, city views, Prince Regent Täfäri Mäkonnen in ceremonial garb for the coronation on the 02.11.1930 to the Emperor - Haile Selassie the first -[…]
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