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Deutschlandspiegel 15/1956

01 Hamburg + Adenauer (65 m) 2nd Bundestag (78 m) 03 demolition + Highway (104 m) 4th slalom Zugspitze (37 m) 5th Paul Weber (56 m) 6th youth fashion (30 m) 07 ice Revue (33 m) 08 winter pictures + Prof. Heuss (70 m)
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Deutschlandspiegel 66/1960

01. ice sailing Schleswig-Holstein: several ice-boats. Man rises on moving ice sailor. Skid. Man with sunglasses and Cap behind wheel pulls on leash. Sailing mast. Various settings of ice sailors. Ice-boats coming up on one side and continue on[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 111/1963

01 Heuss' review Heuss sits in the Chair, smoking a cigar and scrolls in the book (shot). Hands holding book and scroll in the book. Painting of the young Heuss. Heuss sits in his den at his desk and leafs through a book. Heuss smokes cigar close[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 121/1964

01 Sandbahnrennen a, b, c Munich: upper meadow Stadium, foot tall in the leather boots, last training of the Sandbahnrennens, man with cigarette and hat, settings of motorcycle training, motorcycles are trailer cars transported, occupied parking[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 445/1991

01 Science City Ulm building. Man writes on computer. Computer voice speaks: Welcome to the Science City of Ulm. Fresco Albert Einstein tongue stretching out, houses wall, in his native city. Scientists at work. Glass fibre rod in red tank.[…]
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