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Welt im Film 226/1949

colleges Landshut: students in the adult education. Teacher teaching the subject of art. Typewriter tutorial. Teacher writes English on the Blackboard. German lessons. Radio technology. (40 m) 06 exotic sport a. Bergisch Gladbach: great Indian Yoga. Indian
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 240/1954

Bretterhaus. Pig is driven on road to new stable. (26 m) 08 Portugal: Folk Festival in Vilafranca colorful processions and dances. Riders drive Bulls forward. Bullfights. (14 m) 09 Cologne: in sports College Indian doctor teaches Sportstudentin yoga classes in
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UFA-Wochenschau 70/1957

. 05. New Delhi: Yoga demonstration Indian Jogis, who lift heavy loads with a cord around his neck, to dislocate, crossed by steamroller let artists. As a spectator of Nehru. 06. Japan: mud bath for bride and groom according to tradition young husband
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UFA-Wochenschau 150/1959

famous Indian Yogi Swami dev Murti is the Himalayan Hula Hoop sporting ideas for home use to the perfect mastery of the body. His artistic-looking tricks to bear witness to a mysterious force, which can be purchased only through yoga. He wants to show For
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 617/1961

guidance of young ladies in turn space. 06. Yoga Masters from Mexico during exercise on rug outdoors. 07. Austria. Torture Museum:-look through Keyhole on stairs rising up man with long key, sculptor Hermann Nowakführt young visitor through Museum
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 668/1962

1st Liège, acquittal in the Contehgan process. -The accused women & 2 men's set up is such verdict, looking set to the side. Judge, close. Swivel about juries and judges table, judge reads acquittal, briefly (without sound). Pharmacies signs,[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 873/1966

. Joachim Teege: Joseph von Eichendorff (image), "O life, how you are beautiful", says "but as" (image from Verunglücktem, which is then transported away on stretcher) to "live's bad." 04. Warsaw: Members of the National Theatre in yoga practice on the roof
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 928/1967

01 Berlin: Trial of the death shooting of Benno Ohnesorg and review Karl Heinz Kurras enters courtroom half close. Review of Ohnesorg: student demonstrations after ohnesorg's death. Memorial. Student gives interview, great, of Benno Ohnesorg.[…]
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UFA-Dabei 606/1968

01 Geneva: World Championship in figure skating - review pair skating title: this sport: winner at that time and today image: Glockshuber / Danne at freestyle freestyle world champion Protopopov / Belusowa. Pair skating by Maxi Herber and Ernst[…]
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UFA-Dabei 607/1968

Parliament. Deputies clapping. Kiesinger leaves lectern, totally. (66 m) 03 filing Bach: deep relaxation - Yoga Institute title: this medicine: here rests our boss, image: detailed people. People go to treatment in the Institute. Relaxation exercises in
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