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Deutschlandspiegel 124/1965

01. Korean miners Korean miners in Castrop Rauxel: Headframe with running wheels, great. Korean miners wearing helmets get explanations. The miners in the Gallery of teaching. The miners come up with burning lamps on the pit helmets from the[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 189/1970

congratulated young laureates in the background Star emblem and cameraman. (74 m) 5th mining Ruhr: Zeche Sachsen, coal is transported in open wagons. Tower, machine breaks down coal. Miners monitored machine, worn-out coal. Pit waiting: Man turns dial from the
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Deutschlandspiegel 371/1985

break coal. The artists won Zeche Carl a unusual as well as charming space to showcase of their works at the cultural centre. Everywhere in the industrial area of the Ruhr cities and specially established civil associations endeavour to preserve the old
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