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Welt im Film 41/1946

made of aluminium. Model of the prefabricated house (total). The House itself (total). d. (18 m) Tower jumping in Australia diving (total). Different jumps in slow motion (total). Mass jump by various diving boards (total). (22 m) e. ski Carnival in
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Welt im Film 45/1946

12th birthday. Review: The five babies on the seventh birthday. (25 m) c. of model cars of model-cars go round and round (half total). Model cars (large). Table with records of individual races (half total). (19 m) d. diving Tower jumping from different
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Welt im Film 62/1946

swimming pool, half-close. Ladies at the high dive. Man with beard claps, half-close. Diving men. The triple somersault from the springboard. (22 m) 06. Berlin: returning prisoners of war a train arriving at the Silesian station in Berlin. Prisoners of war
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Welt im Film 78/1946

jockeys closely and observes the horses' noses, with which they customarily win the race. Oddity of the diving board: Tiny three year old Danny Robertson from Sydney is already an accomplished diver. Header, salto, screw - are his ABC of growing up and to
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Welt im Film 95/1947

01 industry under construction (light bulb production) machines in production of light bulbs. Workers at packing. Worker in the production of fluorescent lighting at OSRAM, Berlin. Fluorescent tubes in the production process. Workers at the[…]
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Welt im Film 119/1947

jumping, viewers, close to half turn. Walter suggests blade first (54.2 sec.). Walter receives congratulations blade, half-close. 100 meters crawl: start. It wins Fritz Lehmann, Braunschweig. After victory in the water, half-close. In the diving, Haase
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Welt im Film 123/1947

elimination contests for the Olympic Games 1948. In the 100 m crawl Ann Curtis won with 1 minute 7 sec. Here is the 100 m back swimming. Susan Zimmerman swam 1 min., 17 sec., a time which equals the Europe Championships. In the diving contest Jo Ann Ohlsen is
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 1/1950

the mountain of grapefruit. Between grapefruit, grapefruit Queen floats with Crown. (19 m) 6th Los Angeles: diving men at the high dive. Somersaults. Skip to second. Jump of Olympic champion from 1936 Marjorie Gestring. Women jump from 3 springboards
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 19/1950

crawl men: start, turn. Werner Ditzinger, Braunschweig WINS and gets out of the water. Art and diving: Different jumps normally and in slow motion. (38 m)
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 20/1950

01 Chiemsee: Corpus Christi procession of decorated boats ride on Lake Chiemsee. The Bishop in the boat. (23 m) 02. London: King parade troupe presents. King George VI. travels in the carriage. King George enters pedestal and sits down. Guard[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 27/1950

billiards, car overturns. Spectator cover face. (18 m) 8 Canada: Iron Horse iron horse is refueled at gas station and runs with riders. Real horse smelled it. Iron Horse fell with rider. (28 m) 09 Florida: diving fun jumps from the diving Tower. Belly Flop
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 30/1950

m) 7th United States: Quadruplets result in children's fashion before the Canadian Quadruplets on the arm by an adult. Screening of children's fashion. (23 m) 8th United States. Diving Tower jumpers perform jumps. Pat Mc Cormick jumps. (14 m) 9 bath
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 31/1950

01 food: Protestant Kirchentag 1950 guide poster of the Kirchentag saves the people. Arrival: Heuss and Elly Heuss scarce. Adenauer's arrival. Ringing bells in the Bell Tower. Catchment of the pastors with Dr. Dibelius. Bishop Dibelius speaks.[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 32/1950

gymnast Erich Wied horse jump turns on the parallel bars. Adalbert Dan Hat turns on the pommel horse. (14 m) 09 Oberhausen: swimming victories countries Germany - England women's springboard diving: it skip Newman / England / England and drew. Diving men
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 58/1951

. (11 m) 09 Florida: Dolphin dressage Dolphin dives after wood and jump through hoops. (13 m) 10 United States: Jet helicopter nozzles are mounted on wings by helicopter. Helicopter launches and flies. (17 m) 11 Miami Beach: diving diver. Mary Cunningham
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 60/1951

Kling, large, and Hermann long, half-close. Evita Peron as a spectator, immediately. Start and race. 10 Buenos Aires: Pan American Games the Olympic flame is lit with a torch. Diving women's: jump of champion Pat McCormik. Diving men. 100 m run men
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 79/1951

Professor Nordhoff speaks at the opening. Jumper jump off the diving Tower. Mass jumping into swimming pools. Water slides. Children's pool. Little naked boy while bathing. (19 m) 06 Düsseldorf: German Athletics Championships 1500 m run: start. Werner Lueg
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 81/1951

, half close, with bathing cap. 100 m crawl: start. Float. Berlin, Ditzingen, Brunswick do it heated, there. Sprint. Hitziger WINS. Young spectator, large. Time of the winner 1 minute 1.2 seconds. Hitziger is congratulated in the water. Diving women
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 82/1951

1 Berlin: SPD rally on the front wall of meeting space is available in big letters SPD. Audience image filling. Kurt Schumacher speaks. Interview: "the youth has not shown the recommended disposition. The experience of young people, this is the[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 84/1951

's springboard diving. (23 m) 8th Athletics international match Germany - Italy 800 m run: start. Behind the runners starter with a starter's pistol. Final phase. Cleve / Germany, going forward and WINS in 1 minutes, 52.4 seconds ahead of Ulzheimer and Mario
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