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Deutschlandspiegel 190/1970

(79) is considered to be one of the profiled representatives of European surrealism. The exhibition of the Württembergische Kunstverein in Stuttgart shows 250 works of the artist in a retrospective. 07. The German Championships, the whitewater
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Deutschlandspiegel 201/1971

01 Monschau: Canoe race cityscape Monschau. Canoeists on the whitewater, two in the maelstrom. A ride in the whitewater. Drive through the gate under the bridge. Boat is driven off. Two ride on defense. Slow motion shots of canoeists in the
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Deutschlandspiegel 195/1971

German championship in canoe slalom. Germany's best slalom kayakers will compete on the small river Castle mill, which was recently reconstructed as a whitewater course. 1972 Olympics in Munich canoe slalom will be for the first time Olympic
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Deutschlandspiegel 214/1972

01 Wolfsburg and sports jumps pole vaulter shield Wolfsburg, slow motion. Floor gymnast on meadow, slow motion. Parade, slow-motion team handball goalkeeper. Rider on course at obstacle jumping, slow motion. Tennis players, slow motion. Paddlers,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 217/1972

kayak whitewater driver Siegbert Horn, DDR, on the track of ZL. He won the gold medal. Kiel-Schilksee: aerial view of the port of Olympia. Sailing Regatta. As a spectator Gustav Heinemann in addition to Stoltenberg. U-turns in moving Lake. Regatta, total
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Deutschlandspiegel 274/1977

station entrance. Departure from the railway station of Bielefeld. Wheels turn, great. (52 m) 07 Monschau: watersports half-timbered houses of Monschau. Canoeists in the whitewater slalom ride. Overturning the boat. ZL studies of the whitewater canoeists
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Deutschlandspiegel 314/1980

) 06 Wildwassserkanu timber-framed houses of Monschau. Canoeists in the whitewater slalom ride. Boat capsizes. ZL studies of whitewater canoeists. Two canoeists. (Same cut as 274/7 D) D 274/7: half-timbered houses of Monschau. Canoeists in the
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Deutschlandspiegel 371/1985

patent specification. From the archives: Carpet made of acrylic glass with battery-driven 40 propellers. (see D 319/4, your own text) (51 m) 06. Augsburg: canoe slalom World Cup bobsleigh from Augsburg. Canoeists in whitewater. Canoeists between slalom
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