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UFA-Dabei 635/1968

and is umdrängt by fans. Udo Jürgens at tour of Havel, half-close. Udo Jürgens binds to watch Alexandra. Udo Jürgens with microphone at rehearsal. He sings actuality "Mathilda". He gives the music directed by statements at trial. Udo Jürgens singing
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UFA-Dabei 637/1968

Tatras. Grand Hotel. Renaming of the village Dubcekovo. Free local radio sends. Speaker. Woman lays down flowers at grave. Man and woman crying before burial. (53 m) 06. Alexandra doing music: this is Alexandra today, image: Pan about Alexandra, great
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UFA-Dabei 654/1969

. Edwards presented "Golden screen 2" for "Honey". May spils film award. Alexandra, great. Werner Enke, great. Roy Black sings original sound. Dancing girl, great. Janelle sings original sound, great.
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UFA-Dabei 667/1969

Dittmar Ulbrich is flexing muscles. Dittmar Ulbrich with Cup. Gesine Fröse as Miss Germany. Alexandra sings original sound. Vico Torriani leads Gesine Fröse. 07. Hamburg: HSV - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-0 breakdown of ZL 1006 / 8 - something shorter
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UFA-Dabei 680/1969

. President Milton Obote and wife, half-close. Pope Paul is welcomed. Pope waves to people in cars. Crucifix. Pope issued the last supper. Praying Negro children. Pope Paul, kneels down and kisses floor. 03. say goodbye to Alexandra saying goodbye to
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