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UFA-Dabei 779/1971

entertainment. Romy Schneider and Rut Brandt, great. Willy Brandt is a Lady of fire for cigarette. Romy Schneider and Consul Barthel (head of the Constantin) close in the profile. Group with Brandt. Maximilian Schell with Rut Brandt in conversation, great. Romy
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UFA-Dabei 808/1972

. Sitting at tables: under other Rex Gildo, swivel on Roy Black, Siegfried Lowitz, Joachim Hansen, Petra Schürmann, big. American Gospel singer Billy Preston, singing, close, original sound. Consul Barthel / Constantin, Uschi glass and Genscher together
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UFA-Dabei 861/1973

. With wine glass Waldfried Barthel. Rex Gildo, short. Harald Leipnitz dancing with a dancer of the group "Brasiliana 73". The dancer kissed Harald Leipnitz. (40 m) 04 Nieburg: cinema Granny old archive images of Nienburg on the river Weser in the years
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