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Welt im Film 219/1949

. It wins Helmut Noller, Mannheim. Noller, great in the boat. Race the two kayakers. It defeats Becker/Soltau, Hamburg. Race the 4 canoes. The win is the Essen peregrine falcons. (48 m) 03 Berlin streiflichter a. to buy East West market in Wannsee East
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Welt im Bild 88/1954

Erhard, Schäffer, Ehlers, of Brentano. Deputies clapping. Adenauer goes back to his seat. Blücher Get up and shaking hands with him. Speakers of the parties on the lectern: sea trolley / DP, Gerstenmaier / CDU, Erler / SPD, Dr. Becker / FDP, Dr. Czermak
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 214/1954

the Bundestag the Government bench with Adenauer, Hallstein, Blücher, Schröder. Speakers of the parties on the lectern. Sea cat, DP, Gerstenmaier, CDU, Erler, SPD, Dr. Becker, FDP. Stenographer, great. Chamber. Members To give up their voice. Counting
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