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Welt im Film 177/1948

two sons. King Gustav von Sweden get out of car. Scouts and members of the Red Cross escort the coffin. (30 m) 3rd inner mission of centenary of the transparent road. Bishop Lilje lay down wreaths at the graves of the pastors Bodelschwingh at Bethel
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Welt im Film 180/1948

. General Bishop speaks, total. Equestrian season brings peace manifest on Dutch border. Customs sign Duane, big. Turnpike opens. Dutch rider take the message. (32 m) b. ERP administrator Paul Hoffmann in Berlin and Frankfurt rolling out aircraft, large
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Welt im Film 184/1948

) 4th Archbishop of Canterbury visited Germany Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, visited Germany. Shield Essen HBf. General Bishop welcomed the Archbishop on the station. Archbishop visited miners living barracks and talks to people. The Archbishop in Hanover next to
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Welt im Film 248/1950

Böckler stands in front door, totally. Dr. Schumacher congratulates Böckler, half-close. Congratulations from Prime Minister Arnold. General Bishop than Gratulant. Adenauer at the lectern than Gratulant. Congratulations and gifts. (22 m) b. Nürnberg:
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 22/1950

1st 1900 years city Cologne Mercedes drives in front of the Gürzenich. Fixed Assembly. As the audience at the ceremony: Heuss Cardinal Frings, Prime Minister Arnold, General Bishop, Bundestag President Dr. Köhler, half-close. (15 m) 02
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