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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 103/1952

Carlsen of the flying enterprise and sinking of the ship last shots of flying enterprise. The wreck is driving side lying on the sea. Sinking of the vessel, the top of the freighter sinks. Carlsen speaks interview after arrival in Falmouth and goes through
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Welt im Film 346/1952

the sea. Bow of the ship is named. Rescue ship nearby. The ship sinks slowly. High-quality bug disappears. Reception of the captain, who remained until the very end on the ship, in England. Captain Carlsen surrounded by people to return. (56 m)
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 104/1952

coast strong surf on the rocky coast. The liberty off the coast on reason went into the surf. Waves flooding the ship. The crew is pulled with rope winch on the land. 03. New York: Triumphant reception for Captain Carlsen of the flying Enterprise
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Welt im Film 347/1952

Euler speaks, o-ton: "We call for the first a binding declaration of the Soviet Union as the command's the Pieck and Grothe well-being." VW with speakers. Listeners with torches. Speakers, great. (24 m) d. New York: reception for Captain Carlsen KONFETTI
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