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Welt im Film 66/1946

. Runner, total and half close. Spectators in the stands, half-close. Eberlein, Munich WINS by a safe margin in the time of 15 minutes and 12.4 seconds. Eberlein is congratulated after the run, close to half. Hein, Hamburg, won the hammer throw with 51
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Welt im Film 102/1947

through the forest. Josef Legge, Bochum, WINS ahead of Eberlein, Munich. Run through the goal. Team champion Munich 1860 (30 m) Berlin: Berlin Cottbus Berlin cycling cyclist insert food and set up their bikes. Mass start for professional drivers
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Welt im Film 117/1947

Championships high jumper, sprinters, hammer thrower. 110 m hurdles men: start and run. It wins Zepernik, Osnabrück. Long jump men: Luther, Hamburg, jumps. Measure. Luther WINS with 7.09 m 5000 m race: Warnemünde, Eberlein, Hamburg and Munich, fight for the
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Welt im Film 153/1948

. Stuttgart: German forest cross country Championships start. Running through the forest. The leading group with Otto Eitel, Esslingen, Ludwig Warnemünde, Hermann Eberlein, Hamburg and Munich. Warnemünde runs as a winner by the target. (26 m) c. United States
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 116/1952

track. Eberlein / Munich, Müller and Kruzycki / Hamburg runs at the top before the previous year's winner. Rangers from the rear. Hand presses stop watch, big. Eberlein is running the target range against Metz / Frankfurt as the winner. 08 Hamburg: HSV
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Welt im Film 359/1952

. Württemberg: German forest cross country Championships runners at the start. Runners run through forest. Kruzycki, Hamburg will take before Eberlein, Munich - East wins in the Sprint. (24 m) d. Turin: "Valentino Grand Prix" racing start of racing cars. Ride
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 169/1953

Solingen: German forest cross country Championships transparent start. Among the runners, big.: Eberlein Lamers, Kruzycki, eastern zone champion, Herbert Schade. Starter is launching pad. 83 runners start, East German runners who start for the German
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Welt im Bild 43/1953

boxes headed for two artists, which juggles them. Juggling 3 balls. Two artists grab tiny wheel out of suitcase and go out. 10 Solingen: German forest cross country Championships transparent start. Among the runners, large: Eberlein, Lamers, Kruzycki
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