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Welt im Film 260/1950

) 03. England: Silverstone race cars on the track. Queen Elizabeth in the lodge. Rabbit runs through the circuit. Farina, Italy, Alfa Romeo WINS and receives a wreath. (28 m) 04 news from Germany a. Berlin: US donation for needy Berlin trucks with food
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Welt im Film 275/1950

. crash in turn. Viewer, screen-filling. Driver drives on gang. Georg Meier No. 1 on BMW leads Heiner Fleischmann, number eleven on NSU. Official flag. Georg Meier with wreath, large. (26 m) d. England: Silverstone race start. Race. Farina and Fangio on
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Welt im Film 359/1952

through the streets of Turin. In the top flight: Ascari (Nr. 34), Villoresi (Nr. 24), Farina (Nr. 20). Farina bounces against hay bales and is thrown from the car. He is lifted up and led away. Two spectators, great. Ascari driving box and get off. Task
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Welt im Bild 6/1952

the side of the track. Ascari No. 101 runs before Dr. Farina. Ride through sharp curve. A spectator with a cardboard Sun. Close-up shots of the cars. Ascari Ferrari driving as the winner by the target before Dr. Farina. Ascari in addition to Federal
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 132/1952

. Formula II race car: Grand Prix of Germany. Start. Ascari Ferrari leads before Dr. Farina. Wheel car departs after curve. Ascari driving as the winner by the target with a lap of 132 km/h, before Dr. Farina. 09 Helsinki 1952 - XV. Olympic Games - 5th
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Welt im Bild 40/1953

Ferrari driving the No. 24. Car on the track and curve. With the No. 2 Dr. Farina. Burning racing car of Americans on the line to ride against wall. Car is transported from the racetrack. Driver was uninjured. Graffenried / Switzerland on Maserati WINS
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 184/1953

. Viewers chewing gum, big. Crown Prince Akihito with camera, great. No. 2, Dr. Farina/Italy on Ferrari driving as the winner by the target before the 2nd Fangio / Argentina. Akihito congratulates Dr. Farina with wreath, large. (34 m)
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Welt im Bild 62/1953

start. Riders run to their car. Racing car in the race. Battered Porsche No. 63 in the race. Cornering, great. Advertising: Continental tires. Ascari Ferrari going into the pits to change the tyre. Dr. Farina takes over the car and go. Continue. Dr
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 261/1955

bear children. Drinking from the bottle. (16 m) 09 Argentina: formula I race for the "Grand Prize of Argentina" the best riders before the start, great. Juan Fangio, Karl Kling and Hans Herrmann Mercedes. Hans Herrmann joins race car. Farina and
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 320/1956

snow road. The winner of chocolate / minor on Mercedes are congratulated by old master Farina. 10 Bergamo: (4 HP) fuel and start running with home-made cars. The riders run to their vehicles. Push in and boarding. Selfmade car trip. Winner goes through
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