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UFA-Dabei 797/1971

captain' with Heinz Rühmann Rühmann, big on reception in Filbinger Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg. Filbinger welcomes Radder half total. Rae, great. Director Kurt Hoffmann, speaking, great. Johanna Matz, big laughing, swivel on actor Ernst Stankowski
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UFA-Dabei 852/1972

Kiep, Filbinger, Helga Wex. The CDU party headquarters: takes great hustle and bustle to Rainier Barzel, the position to the election defeat, o-ton: "it was a campaign of all against us, and the others have also ruthlessly used the Government apparatus
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UFA-Dabei 947/1974

industrial plants. Opening the week with Riad speaks before microphones. Moers and H. Filbinger as a listener. Arab women as a listener. Riad H. Schmidt, short. 04. Schleswig-Holstein: Damp 2000 holiday centre of a Manor House driving a horse-drawn carriage
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