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Welt im Film 205/1949

, great. Attlee in conversation with Nehru, half-close. The South African Prime Minister Dr. Malan, half-close. Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Stafford Cripps, big, the Australian Prime Minister Chifley, big, Prime Minister of New Zealand Fraser, large
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 441/1958

: American student Chapel marching band in Bergedorf Chapel marches on. Music and marching in figures. Musicians, great. Boxer dog bark, large. (40 m) 09 Wimbledon: final men's tennis tournament: Fraser / Australia defeated Ashley Cooper / Australia. Audience
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 550/1960

trying to catch the ball. Little boy beats with bat against ball band. (23 m) 03 Hamburg: International Tennis Championships viewers heads from behind. Final men's double: Peter Scholl/Laci Legenstein / Germany lose against Fraser/Emerson / Australia in 4
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