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UFA-Dabei 776/1971

1 Frankfurt: Football Borussia Mönchengladbach: Eintracht Frankfurt 4-1 different game scenes. Among others: Grabowski shoots, total. Netzer Borussia shoots the 1:0 foul by Borussia. Outraged viewers. Nickel scores goal with a penalty kick, Kamil
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UFA-Dabei 794/1971

the European Championship Poland football match Germany -. Narration see gameplay footage. Including goalkeeper Maier, Gerd Müller, Günter Netzer, Grabowski. Jubilation of Germans with swinging flags. The German players embrace at the end of the game.
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UFA-Dabei 893/1973

doors. Dutch win. Cheering spectators. Award ceremony. (69 m) 04 Germany: national football team defeated a LP In the Studio during recording: Beckenbauer, Müller, Helmut Schön, Sepp Maier, Ocampo, Breitner, Grabowski. National football team sings
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UFA-Dabei 935/1974

stands. The two teams and the referee. Wolfgang Overrath hopping on the halfway line. Game in ZL. G. Müller passes the ball to Grabowski, but he missed the opportunity. Müller has a chance again, but hits the post. Defensive error of the BRD-Elf, Jürgen
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UFA-Dabei 937/1974

team. Breitner scores a goal. Despair in the Dutch ranks. Cheer on the German ranks. Repetition of the gate. Mischnick (FDP). Smacking hands. Grabowski are several templates, clearing Bonhoff, ball to Miller. Müller scores a goal. Cruyff, no. 14 under
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UFA-Dabei 969/1975

goalie Walton is stunned. When Abigail again four minutes later, the game is run - for the H SV, but also for Frankfurt's goalkeeper. Frankfurt Spielmancher Grabowski pre-prepared the one conceded in a mid-table match of two teams which still belong to
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