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Deutschlandspiegel 192/1970

Games 1972. 02. at the Spiridonov Palace in Moscow negotiating delegations of the Federal Republic and the Soviet Union headed by the Foreign Minister Scheel and Gromyko on the conclusion of a treaty, which is to put the relationship to both countries
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Deutschlandspiegel 225/1973

converses with Helmut Schmidt. Contract signed by Brezhnev, Brandt and Scheel, Gromyko. (Agreement on economic, technical and cultural cooperation and common air traffic.) 03. Hanover: Industriemesse aerial view of the fairgrounds. Minister of Economic
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Deutschlandspiegel 243/1974

. Genscher in an interview with Andrei A. Gromyko. Cameramen and photographers. Schmidt, Genscher, Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko sign a contract. Handshake Schmidt - Beschnew. 03. Drug research in the Federal medical care by natives of the 3rd world. Negro is
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Deutschlandspiegel 249/1975

traditional food. 1970: tour in Moscow. The Kremlin towers, great. Andrej Gromyko welcomes Walter Scheel during his arrival at the airport. Scheel in addition to Egon Bahr at the negotiating table. Andrej Gromyko, half-close. 1974: Choice of Walter Scheel of
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Deutschlandspiegel 272/1977

officers at the border. People go to the border to East Berlin. Map with trace of transit Federal Republic - GDR. Car will be sealed. TRUCK's and car of on border control station. S - Bahn station Berlin Wannsee. Train arriving. Handshake Schmidt - Gromyko
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Deutschlandspiegel 328/1982

demonstration of the Junge Union against the violation of human rights and upgrade on the market square of Bonn. In the conversation said, Brezhnev, Genscher, Gromyko. Kohl and Strauss enter home for talks with Brezhnev. Departure. Brezhnev waving back at the
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