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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 99/1951

inhabitants. Wounded are treated in hospital. (16 m) 04. Verde: against Erich von Halacz in jail Erich von Halacz in conversation with his Defender Dr. Willem books. Close-up. (14 m) 5th Toledo: repair work on the Cathedral at dizzy heights workers climb at
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Welt im Film 342/1951

." (20 m) c. Verden: arrest of the explosives assassin Erich Halacz pan across the editorial building of Bremen messages with damaged room of editor in Chief. The Police Commissioner Announces confession of the bomber. The typewriter on which the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 269/1955

01 Lufthansa - 1 flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt start flying twin-engined Convair Lufthansa. Aerial view of Hamburg. Stewardeß distributed to the passengers of the international press menu. Crossing of the Rhine at Düsseldorf. Steward is pouring[…]
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