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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 15/1950

. Interview: "I know that it will be a tough fight, and I hope that your and my wishes will be fulfilled." (36 m) 12 Wiesbaden: international tennis tournament In the men's double play by CRAMM-Buchholz against Harper bak. Spectators, half-close. Win by CRAMM
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Welt im Film 258/1950

States against Scofield, and loses. Mixed doubles: gussie Moran/Gottfried von CRAMM defeat Scofield / Hague. Men's singles: Harper, Australia triumphs over Buchholz, Germany. Both players great. (27 m) 5th TASS report: POWs layoffs from the Soviet Union
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 613/1961

Ävdejev(Russe). 06. UNITED STATES. Boarding school. Meistersch. in the Tower (with slow motion) winner: Don Harper, slapping sommerl. dressed audience sitting close. 07. Augsburg. Football Dtld.: Greece:-unt-d. spectators Herberger. Finger pressing against the
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