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Welt im Film 314/1951

located next to him. a. motorcycles with side-car start (20 m) 03 sports Nürburgring - race. Race. Passenger set, far in curves. Hillebrand, Amberg, WINS with 1/2 m ahead of Mohr, Schweinfurt. Hillebrand and Mohr with wreath. Motorcycles 500 cc. changing
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Welt im Bild 213/1956

. Award ceremony with wreath. Side-car: Start. Fight to the top between BMW and Noll/cron, Hillebrand/basic forest. Cornering. Clapping. Noll/cron with wreath at award ceremony. 12 Atlantic City: 40 km marathon swim swimmer swimmers to grease and. In cold
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 382/1957

01 Mittenwald: vow of 1st conscripts of the Bundeswehr appearance of conscripts. Torches. Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauß: Quote: "The democratic State must impose this obligation to its citizens, so that he is able to preserve the rights and[…]
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UFA-Dabei 873/1973

Michel. Traffic on the East-West Road, and in the background the Tower of Michel. Sailing on the Alster. US Ambassador Hillebrand at the opening of the exhibition o-ton: "it is not the custom in America long speeches, when there is an opening. The main
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