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Opel-Deulig-Ufa-Wochenschau-Sujets aus den 20er Jahren

1 subtitles: Clärenore Stinnes, the daughter of the late industrialist of Hugo Stinnes, occurs - followed by their four-legged favourites - their morning ride on image: Stinnes increases with their three dogs in the convertible and drives off. 2.[…]
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Messter-Woche 1921

01 intertitles: Castle Doorn (Netherlands). The Deathplace of the Empress with the Imperial flag to half-mast. Image: Castle (short) 02 subtitles: the back of the Castle. (The two closed shutters refer to the example of the Empress) Image: Look to[…]
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Messter-Woche (1921)

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Der Retter (Hindenburg 1925)

Image: Bismarck monument in Hamburg and Berlin. Subtitles: Inflation. Image: bills are stirred mixed up. Image: Hindenburg private residence in Hanover, Hindenburg with family in the garden at the table. Image: Leaflets are distributed (provided).[…]
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Deulig - Woche 43 (seit1926)

1 subtitles: Vienna, Hill celebrate a Festival in the capital city of image: elevator in costume before the Castle Theatre, costume groups from different parts of the mountain, Schuhplattler dance. 2. subheads: Florida, rebuilding after a natural[…]
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Deutschland in Trauer

The funeral of the late Empire Foreign Minister Dr. Stresemann. (Emelka week special service v. 07.10.1929 175 m) Last recording Stresemann, bust with light-coloured hat. Body Stresemann laid out (in the Parliament). Funeral service before and in[…]
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