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Welt im Film 163/1948

commander, Colonel Howley. General Clay, immediately. British planes at airport of Wunstorf near Hannover. General Robertson visited loading of food US aircraft to Rhein Main airport in Frankfurt. Bags and boxes are loaded. Plane taking off. Flying aircraft
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Welt im Film 171/1948

occupation troops. General Herbert at the crime scene. Man draws a boundary line between the British and Russian sectors on the road. Gen. Howley inspection in car, half-close. American and Russian officers in discussion on the road. Application of zone
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Welt im Film 187/1948

Tempelhof, great. Inauguration of the free University in the Titania Palace. Ernst Reuter on the lectern, half-close. Colonel Howley says congratulations, original sound. "We know, there is no freedom, where is no university..." The audience clapping
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Welt im Film 198/1949

. Attlee in front of House of General Bourne with General Bourne, General Howley and General Ganeval, half-close. (50 m) 02. A new State: Israel move to Jerusalem. Jewish flags. Dr. Weizmann immediately. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion upon arrival, great
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Welt im Film 222/1949

. Francois Poncet in welcoming speech before the country heads of the French zone, great. (15 m) b. Berlin: resignation General Howley Howley, American officers are large, report on its activities as the State Commander of Berlin. (15 m) c. United States
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