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Deutschlandspiegel 192/1970

on a new basis. 205th negotiations, the agreement is initialled. The signing is completed in the Katharinensaal of Kremlin by Chancellor Brandt and Kossygin. 03. the Bayer color factories are one of the largest manufacturers of organic and inorganic
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Deutschlandspiegel 211/1972

's podium. Review: Willy Brandt in addition to Alexej N. Kossygin in German Soviet Treaty. Walter Scheel in addition to Brandt at contract signing. Handshake Brandt Józef Cyrankiewicz. Brandt and Cyrankiewicz signing. Willy Brandt speaks before the Bundestag
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Deutschlandspiegel 243/1974

, Lord Chancellor. Officer reports. Helmut Schmidt and Alexej N. Kossygin step out front of the stand. 15s presents. Review: Leonid Breschnew in the Federal Republic. Children give flowers. Close-up of Brezhnev. Brezhnev in conversation with Brandt
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Deutschlandspiegel 272/1977

. Zug fährt ein. Händedruck Schmidt - Gromyko. Genscher, Kossygin, Schmidt, Breschnjew. Schmidt und Breschnjew bei Vertragsunterzeichnung. Amtssitz des Bundespräsidenten in Westberlin. Deutsche Fahne, groß. Front des Reichstages, Schwenk, Schrift: Dem
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