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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 895/1967

01 France: Parade of the NATO and award Lemnitzers by de Gaulle De Gaulle walks up front by force, total, Pompidou is next to him. The Grand Cross of the Légion d'honneur, great. De Gaulle is the order to General Lemnitzer and kisses him, half
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UFA-Dabei 654/1969

. Soldiers get off transport plane. Country parachute landings. Strauß, half close, officers welcomed. Helicopters fly. Jets season. Aircraft are napalm bombs. Helicopters carry loads. Strauß as a spectator, half close, in addition to NATO commander Lemnitzer
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1011/1969

Lemnitzer. Brosio, Kiesinger Schröder standing on grandstand. Army, Navy, air force, tank, rocket vehicles at parade. 02. England: Phantom hunters on aircraft carrier Eagle of the aircraft carrier Eagle, total. Ceiling of the aircraft carrier with phantom
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UFA-Dabei 672/1969

section. Waving flags of NATO. He was talking, laughing, with NATO Secretary-General Brosio. Liver, Carlo Schmid, Inspector General of the air force Steinhoff, Schröder. Troops of all arms parading before General Lemnitzer. Brosio, Kiesinger Schröder
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