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UFA-Dabei 914/1974

01 Cologne: 14. International furniture fair man sits on a soft plastic chair. Various furniture styles: rustic, modern and old English. Reclining seats, which resemble human silhouettes. Plastic folding chairs. Living landscapes in leather, linen[…]
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UFA-Dabei 924/1974

01 Hockenheim: formula II - race and Renault 5-11-Cup race cars in a curve into. Grandstand sold out audience, including the woman with sunglasses and hat. A racing car is leaving some of the railway. Huge clouds of dust. Hans stuck Jr. in his car[…]
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UFA-Dabei 986/1975

This sport: Crusader motorized motorized Crusader - in the fight with dust and bumps. The No. 6, a Czechoslovakia, dance is done at the top. World Cup run of Motocross experts in Austrian Sittendorf. Pride fighting on the Hill, here is the first[…]
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