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UFA-Dabei 664/1969

1 DKP Party Congress in Essen this news - notes at the time, image: people go with umbrellas. People go with umbrellas to Assembly Hall. Meeting/banquet facilities. Board table. Several speakers. Young speaker. Young audience and young listener,[…]
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UFA-Dabei 806/1972

01 Oberstorf: ski jumping - the sample several grades of athletes prior to the start of the takeoff for Sapporo, big. Long shot of the jump. Springer in the flights in ZL, total. Viewers turn heads. Günther Göllner / No. 69 on the jump and setting[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 260/1976

01 Düsseldorf: bridge move on the Rhine Rhine bridge with traffic and trams. Men with cameras. Moving the bridge in fast motion. Onlookers. Stalls. 2 young people eat Banga. Hydraulic press pulls bridge on thick rods to the side. Technicians apply[…]
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