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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 796/1965

01 accident story no. 2 - smoking Günter Jerschke, as a funeral entrepreneur who sits on coffin and speaks actuality. Man climbs on a Chair and wants to attach a rope to the ceiling. He crashes to the ground when the Chair fell. Man encircles his[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 854/1966

spritzigste team of the Bundesliga. Through precise Steilpässe earn the ENS benefits in the first half. Beckenbauer is one step too late. Mielke is the leather in the network. 1:0 Manglitz has a good day. Only once, his textbook fair fist defense meets Bayern
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UFA-Dabei 697/1969

front of the goal of Mönchengladbach on the ground. Sepp Herberger among the spectators, big. Cologne goalkeeper intercepts ball. Günter Netzer in different game scenes. Cologne goalkeeper fends off ball. Wimmer, Weber, Le Fevre. Manglitz in game scenes
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